Dolen's Many Threats...

Deborah Dolen Continues Threats via Email

(Notice:  This page provides actual emails from Deborah Dolen.  All of this author's typos are being left in tact.)

During Christmas Eve of December 2008, Deborah Dolen continued to email various threats to me.  This told me a lot about a person. on December 22, 2008, Dolen filed a ridiculous delusion-filled lawsuit against me claiming things that didn't make sense, much less be true.  She also sent me mail via USPS which I denied taking from my mailman for a few different reasons.  One, the package was handwritten with the words "Judge" and "Injunction" written on it in black sharpie marker.  That handwriting was scribble looking.  Two, it was labeled from "Mabel White Laboratories" and three, it had a big orange swipe of something across the front.  When I told my mailman I knew who it was from and didn't want to touch it at all especially without gloves, he agreed with my decision and took it back for return.  I don't know or trust what type of orange swipe of yuck she would be putting on the USPS flat rate envelope coming from some "Lab" and I could only assume what could be waiting for me inside of it. 

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:07 PM
Subject:  Order to Disclose Parties

I hope you are having a great Christmas Eve.  I know how upsetting a Federal Lawsuit can be, more so over the holidays.

We are under court order to disclose all parties and I will make sure you do.  So, I did not even have to subpoena it-the Judge went right to the chase on who owns what over there.  You can appear by telephone, that is a good thing.  Your letter should be there soon.  A few of them.

Anyway, this is my Christmas present, because I NEVER deserved all the things you have done to me.  NEVER.

And I will still pursue every legal (criminal and civil.) ethical and moral aventue against you.  People like you MUST be taken off the net because if I was younger, I would have commited suicide.  Adults feel just as bad-but kids do not have any coping skills.  And you did cost me a lot of money.  A lot.  And do not dare remit your crap by a through 3rd and 4th parties now-because I have paid for tracking systems on ANY new info that hits the net.  and I am notified within minutes.  No one has hated me as you do in years so anything new comes up, it is getting fot printed and added.  I have a forensics team on it.

Your  actually very talented, it is too bad you do not keep your energy on positive things.  What you call harrasment I called PERFECT.  And by the WAY, I NEVER sold anything to WAHMs at all, EVER.  So, that was another lie you created.  And I can sell any kit ALL DAY LONG baby.  ALL DAY LONG.  Not that I ever did-which WAS the point.  Even better?  The head of our Department of Justice was standing there when I was filing.  He was securing warrants for something else and wanted to know why I looked so sad just be before XMas?  And I showed him my complain I was filing.  So, I have an apointment over there next week and I will be there.  He said they are not very busy actually.  So maybe your News Years present will be all of the hand cuffs you display!  And FDLE is a WHOLE 'nother matter toots.



I really think that whole email speaks for itself in showing the what type of person Dolen really is.  I quickly recognized that she used the typical, bully-like, scare-tactic wording like "warrants", "handcuffs", "Department of Justice", etc.  I'm not easily tricked or fooled into believing much of that nonsense.  What is concerning that there are people out there that are easily bullied by people like Dolen.  One day, maybe my experience will be their support as I was comforted in reading various sites online where people posted their past threats from Dolen.  I completely appreciate the women at one site called  Dolen tried to bully them, pretending to be an attorney, quite a few years back.  Seems as though those women are quite smart and quickly saw her for exactly what she was - a scammer.  They've left their experience with her online over the years and have no idea how much that information really helped me by showing me exactly what I would be dealing with. Yes, there are many others that she has attempted to bully over the years and even some into late 2011 that posted the emails he received from her and her make believe staff, that is actually her.

On December 31, 2008 - New Year's Eve day, my husband and I went out for an early dinner date.  A family member came over to take care of our children while we were out.  When we came home, she told me "some dirty looking, vagrant-like lady came to the door looking for you".  Since I hadn't seen Deborah Dolen in person, I couldn't confirm if it was her or not.  I was concerned because I knew how irrational she had been via email, but I didn't know what she would attempt to do to physically harm me. 

Then, about 9:15PM, I get a knock at my door.  Knowing someone had come earlier looking for me, and clearly not a type that I would associate with, I didn't answer the door.  My husband  did, without identifying himself, told the woman to get off our property.  She then threw a stack of papers on the ground and left. 

Ten minutes later, I receive this email:

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Wednesday, December 31, 2008 19:25 PM
Subject:  Happy New Year Julie!

Glad Darrell got to see what you do in your spare time.

I guess Dolen thought she was telling my husband on me for something that she claimed I did or was doing.  Weird.  That goes to show that she knows NOTHING about me.  My husband already knew every detail of the wild delusions she was throwing at me.  Obviously that dirty vagrant looking lady, who I assumed was Dolen, was actually a process server who didn't follow proper process serving procedures.  I then knew I would be dealing with people that were going to play dirty and would possibly go to any length to harm me even if that meant perjure themselves.  I was ready.

Upon Dolen's request, that lady actually signed a statement that she had verified I lived where she threw the papers on the ground outside and had officially served me because she ran my tag on my car.  That's nothing short of perjury because I do not have a car in my name.  That's when I realized, it was our family member's car tag she ran - if any.  I felt I needed to document that perjury, so I called out a deputy to write a report so that I would have that proof when my day in court came.  They made a copy of the car registration proving it was not me and while he was here, I had him take a look at all the crazy emails I was receiving.  They made a report because I didn't know what length Dolen would take to harm me or my family.  From what I could find online, she had spent years in prison for various crimes and some of that was in the psychiatric portion of prison so I was going to have to be on guard for myself and my family's safety. 

Back on December 23, 2008, I received an email from an attorney in Texas where Dolen resided at the time.  Obviously he had found the lawsuit she had filed through Pacer, a court docketing system online.  He introduced himself, giving his credentials and asked me to call him if I needed help.  At the time of receiving the email, I thought these crazy claims were so absurd that it couldn't possibly be true.  I always thought that you had to have a real claim prior to filing a lawsuit.  I thought there would be some sort of checks and balances or a type of verifying system that the courts would confirm to see if statements were real prior to accepting a lawsuit. I couldn't imagine that anyone would waste time on filing absolute nonsense.  I thought that the words "under the penalty of perjury" meant telling the truth.   Obviously, I thought wrong.

With the lies above being told by a process server and one who obviously called Dolen to report in to her that she had been to my house, I decided to make that phone call to that attorney. At that time, all I knew was that I had no one helping me in the legal field yet I had this convicted felon sending me a ton of various threats.  I figured, it couldn't hurt to call.  I had never been sued, never been in jail, never committed a crime, never sued anyone, and never filed bankruptcy in my life so this all was completely new to me.  I have to admit, I was scared.  I wasn't scared of the bullying factor because I could see she was a liar and manipulator.  I was scared out of not having prior experience in a system that I was taught to respect.  I was confident that truth and honesty would prevail, I just didn't know how to go about actually replying to or handling the process.

On January 1, 2009, I called Kent Rowald, the person that sent me the email and spent five and a half hours filling him in on "the crazy lady".  Since he had experience with this type of person, he would now be my attorney.

Then things get crazy.  Dolen gets very upset that I hired an attorney and takes it out on him when she figures out that she's not getting that quick cash payout..... More to come.



Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself
- Harvey Fierstein.

This is an actual handwriting sample from one of Deborah Dolen's handwritten documents.  Yes, this was really submitted to a Federal Court. 
Picture opens for larger analyzing.
Deborah Dolen Handwriting

I was not aware at the time Dolen was filing the above document that in a another court, at the same time, she was filing a restraining order against a man she was living with, claiming they were common-law married. We were later provided supplementary information about that case as well as the final court documents that indicated this man actually paid her off to get her out of his house. According to her court testimony, he also told her that if she continued with her attack against me, that he could no longer support her. (The realistic accounting of her failed relationship was nothing like the rather delusional story Dolen had originally sent me an email, when she said that she was delayed in responding to me because her "fiancé had died in a motorcycle accident".)

In any event, perhaps this turmoil in her personal life had something to do with the haphazard and jumbled handwriting. Who knows. Maybe a handwriting analysis would be interesting. .