Lawsuit Help Arrives

Help Comes in Mysterious Ways to Fight Deborah Dolen

This is an actual letter that I received from my attorney during the time that Deborah Dolen was attempting to extort money from me with her continuous court filings + threats.  This email was forwarded to me from Kent Rowald, my attorney for this case who has specific experience in dealing with people like Deborah Dolen.  This person that I'm choosing to not release by name, not only emailed, but also called my attorney to coordinate mailing us documentation to help fight this bully.  I have permission to post this now that this frivolous case was dismissed with prejudice by a very tolerant Federal Judge in Tampa, Fl.  As expected, I prevailed and now hold a Certified Judgment against Deborah Dolen for her vexatious actions in this lawsuit.

Sent:  Wed, 7 Jan 2009 10:42AM
Subject:  Additional Information To Help You

Please share this with Ms. Ryals.  Please do not refer to or post this information anywhere.  I intend it to be used by Ms. Ryals as background information on the pending action against her by Deborah Dolen.

I hope Ms. Ryals has the money to fight Deborah Dolen.  I would like to discuss Deborah with her and/or her attorney.

A lot of the links that the Busted Scammers site had included descriptions of Deborah's criminal record, and her Florida record is extensive.  You can request a copy through the FDLE website.  You would only need one or two elements of Deborah's personal information to get a copy of her record.  If Ms. Ryals would like to contact me, I would be willing to share those elements.  But you can also find them (e.g.. birth date, state of birth, SSN) by going through court records for Florida's Hillsborough and Manatee Counties' court records.

Deborah has made a lot of enemies on the Topix bulletin boards especially on this one:  LINK REMOVED
She is an extremely deceitful and abusive woman who has left a trail of human wreckage behind her (most offline, naturally).  At least one of her daughters, I am told, doesn't want to have a thing to do with her.  At least one Topix poster had a rock-solid case for harassment against her, but chose not to press charges.  Her ISP displays as Houston, Texas, but many suspect that she also has an AOL accounts and that sometime this fall (possibly the weekend of Nov. 21-23) she learned how to change her ISP.  At this point, the number of screen names that she has used on Topix could be legion:  Gideon, Travis, Yomomma, Confused, FarSide, bumbumyum, Sam, Steph1, etc.

Rumor has it that she will not be in Texas much longer, that she will be returning to Florida in February or March probably to Manatee County where her youngest daughter resides with paternal relations.  She may represent herself in court actions, but her legal arguments on the Topix boards show someone who isn't as knowledgeable in the law as she thinks she is.  I'd like to get a copy of her complaint against Ms. Ryals, if Ms Ryals is willing to share.  The "Jane Doe" part--I may have more information about this, but won't know until I learn more about it.

Also, be forewarned that Deborah files restraining orders or "temporary injunctions," as Florida calls them, against as many people as she can.  Her doing so is almost assuredly perjurious.  I have learned from others that she is physically abusive to family members, but she then alleges violence on their part.  Most of these Florida injunctions have been dismissed at trial.

I really hope Ms. Ryals can fight her.


That information along with a multitude of other documents and details that were provided to me and my attorney surely helped us understand what type of person we were going to have to deal with and it led us on a path of looking Deborah Dolen up.  The criminal history we found had us gasping.  During this process, Dolen worked very hard to create a claim that I was libeling her.  One, I wasn't the  one who own - the site she was claiming to be libelous.  Two, I did not have any part in publishing the warning to the work at home community about her attempt to shed herself of her past by starting to market herself under the name Mabel White.  Three, I did not post her extensive FDLE report anywhere online which WAS certified  in front of the Judge in our case that it WAS TRUE.  Four, I was previously unaware that she scammed the public by putting people out on the streets at $10.00 an hour in orange shirts to collect money for children who had Spina Bifida and pocketed the money instead.  I did not know any of her past frauds, scams, or crimes until she burst herself into my life. 

Additionally, her overall quest to prove that any of the information on Busted Scammers was libel (meaning, not true) was impossible for her to do because it was and is true. She is listed as one of the FTC's Top Ten Dot Con Scammers. She did serve time in prison for various crimes. She was quoted in the newspaper as saying she was a former prostitute. She did setup a company to sell kits to "make money at home". She is banned for life against ever offering a work-at-home kit type opportunity and that was confirmed the day we were in court in front of the Judge as being valid. The rest can be read by going to: Busted Scammers.

All of Dolen's attempts to claim that I was the owner and/or publisher of Busted Scammers were baseless claims dismissed with prejudice by the courts. Her attempt to say that I libeled her were clearly unfounded which made her look even more ridiculous when trying to prove anyone as the site's owner. When making a libel claim in Federal Court claiming damages of over 75K, you'd think a person would make sure what they are claiming as not true - was not. That's what I call seriously abnormal thinking!

Although I knew I had the strength inside of me to fight this bully and stand up for what's right, receiving this letter really helped simply for the fact in letting me know that others saw this bully for exactly what she was - an irrational one. This letter was sent to me early in the process when Dolen was just warming up her scare tactics that she would take to an extent that no one imagined at that time. I had never been involved with any type of Federal Court action so everything about the process was new to me. I always had faith that good would prevail and it did.



Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself
- Harvey Fierstein.

This is an actual handwriting sample from one of Deborah Dolen's handwritten documents.  Yes, Deborah Dolen really submitted this  to a Federal Court. 
Click picture for larger analyzing.

I was not aware at the time Dolen was filing the above document that in a another court, at the same time, she was filing a restraining order against a man she was living with, claiming they were common-law married. We were later provided supplementary information about that case as well as the final court documents that indicated this man actually paid her off to get her out of his house. According to her court testimony, he also told her that if she continued with her attack against me, that he could no longer support her. (The realistic accounting of her failed relationship was nothing like the rather delusional story Dolen had originally sent me an email, when she said that she was delayed in responding to me because her "fiancé had died in a motorcycle accident".)

In any event, perhaps this turmoil in her personal life had something to do with the haphazard and jumbled handwriting. Who knows. Maybe a handwriting analysis would be interesting. .