The Bullying is Clear Now...

Deborah Dolen Bully Attempt & Spiteful Revenge

(Notice:  This page provides actual emails from Deborah Dolen.  All of this author's typos are being left in tact.)

Just when I thought this was a little temper tantrum being thrown through email, Deborah Dolen's emails continue.  Throughout the following emails from Deborah Dolen aka Mabel White, it's becoming clear to me that she is nothing more than a bully and an unstable bully at that.

Not only does Deborah Dolen attempt to bully me into doing something she wants me to do, I realize that she's wanting much more from me.  She's attempting to scare me into paying her to go away and stop torturing me and people that I associate with.   It's clear through even the smallest of things that she does, there's one goal in her mind = that is to scare me.  She's sent emails from Deborah Dolen, Mabel White CEO and sometimes cc'd herself with her FREE email account located at which is nothing more than a type of email box that any type of enthusiast can get of their own.  The plan was to look official and make me feel she had some type of legal authority.  Now putting my story online (to help others handle her when her next attack comes) and re-reading what she emailed to me, I can clearly see what a hatred, evil, spite-filled person that she really is. 

From:  "Mabel White CEO" <
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Wednesday, December 17, 2008 1:25 PM
Subject:  The Federal Deal

Here is the deal-I have a Federal civil action against you ready to file tomorrow-TX.  Also I did file a criminal complaint in FL under the FL Cyber Stalking laws last month-and various other remedies as well as in TX who has similar relief.  We documented your repeated adjustments to the site (with a court notary) which shows the pattern of activity and handed it to them.  You kept updating info to harm me.  You had custody and control of entries and that took your veil of immunity as simply a web host.  Beyond the fact we are still showing you are the owner anyway.

I felt FL would do nothing, web law is complex- so I continued prepping the Civil side for Federal Injunctive relief and numerous remedies that will stick in Federal Court although we are between states.  I also ask that you are NEVER allowed to be a web host for anyone, because you "on its face" abuse the right to be one.

I have asked you twice to cease and desist.  I did promise you were my Christmas present to me-since my name is of GREAT value, you are getting lots of hits to up your rank-harming me for no legitimate reason, and you give me zero choice.  I may not to have to file tomorrow!

Florida Fed was a lot faster than I though!  They gave me new info and apparently to started this on Topix-the Caylee room and a FL Deputy HELPED you defame me while he was at WORK on our tax payer dollar and he is in hot water! MEGA.  I am not allowed to know his name yet.

He cannot use the color of his uniform to harm or disparage people, and cannot conduct such even off duty.  And they have enough to show conspiracy to violate my RIGHT to privacy and my right not to be harassed or injured by you and co-conspirators, beyond theft of my right to my trade name(s).  Plus they have the foot prints in the caylee room and who was who!

Since you have NO money or anyone else in your little group, I was not thinking I would ever get any.  BECAUSE the Sheriff in FL has money and is now going to be a party to US 42 1983 unless they fire they Deputy-because he was never paid on their time to harm me-which is what they will do to start to show they did nto allow this-still I have action against a lot more people than I though.

This civil case may have to all go to FL.  I plan to be there soon as I lost my fiance here.  I already had a lonely Christmas and you are my only project in courts of law.  Now, I am going to ask you ONE MORE TIME to take the crap down.  ALL OF IT.  If it is not I will file here tomorrow and just move to transfer the case to FL and amend who I am suing when I am given their names.  They will be Jane and John Does for now.  The injury is still VERY much now-so I  can do such.

Merry Christmas Julie!

Yes, I actually received that crazy email from Dolen.  She wants me to shut down where her scams and previous crimes are posted.  I have zero control over the content on that site.  I do not own it nor do I publish anything on that site.  I have looked at the content in detail after Dolen pointed it out to me on November 4th.  I  could not find any person commenting or opinions on the site.  The only thing that I found were links to verifiable sources like the Federal Trade Commission, local Florida newspapers, and actual court documents so in now way could I see any of it it being libel.  Dolen tried throughout this case to claim that none of it was true or that her felonies were from 20 years ago.  I personally saw criminal court records from 2004 is certainly not 20 years ago.  I've come to believe that Dolen does not know what the word truthful or being honest is.

Just in reading the above "Federal Deal", the scare tactics are clear.  At the time of receiving the email, I didn't have any idea what the whole sheriff part had to do with any of this.  I later learned (actually, her story completely changed in front of the Judge) that there was a guy on Topix who worked for some type of law enforcement.  I think this guy, whoever he was, called her out on her game and she thought she'd add this weird twist to this already drama-filled extortion attempt.  I also later found out that at one point during her being yanked out of her house during an eviction, she sued the sheriff's office and they did pay her to go away.  I don't have all of those details nor do I care to have them.  I already know she's a tormentor - there was no need to confirm that. 

Dolen did change her story on all of the above by the time we went to court two years later and the story was then that I posed as a police officer (that's funny) who called her ex-mother-in-law looking for information that she may have killed one of her husbands.  Again, that story simply didn't make sense.  She had a girl named Sheryl Farley from Bradenton come to court as a "witness" to say that I called her.  So again, the story changed from the above story via email to I came down to Bradenton on Christmas Eve posing as a police officer looking for her to I called her ex-mother-in-law to I called Sheryl Farley.  See?  The stories always changed.  Crazy isn't a deep enough word for all of this.

Since Dolen received no response to the above email, she sent me this email around 24 hours later:

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Thursday, December 18, 2008 11:25 PM
Subject:  Federal Complaint Attached Service to Ryals

I just love Texas-service of process is really easy and I do not have to chase you around.

I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
You have 20 days to respond.

Deborah R. Dolen

And Chef-you are always welcome to take the lies down.  I know you have no money to collect-so this was never my goal.  Injunction on your servers, is, however.  We have CD Roms of every change-so do not think you can deleted and pretend.  That is not going to happen-and then I will nail you for concealing evidence, perjury and so on.

That was just another scare tactic from what I already know is a bully. The above email followed up with this one.  She's obviously not filed anything really.  She's still attempting to bully me into doing what she wants!

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Thursday, December 18, 2008 11:38 PM
Subject:  Response

Respond to the court-not me.  Unless you are going to take the offensive material down-then you can talk to me.  And ALL of it-under agreement to never do it again, even by a through third and fourth parties, as you have been trying and we have documented.

I will have a lawyer sign on a do up an agreement-YOU will pay for.  $250 one hourly rate.

nce I won't respond to anything that comes from Deborah Dolen, she gets VERY angry as shown in this email:

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Saturday, December 20, 2008 1:29 AM
Subject:  Ryals DNS Services for Injunction

I have never seen anyone more stupid in my life.  Facing a federal action you start removing anything from your fraudulent site that links to you!
DON'T YOU GET IT the acts have been done and we have backed up your sites EVERYTIME. you added something.  The Judges are VERY net savy.  The fact you are now deleting WILLLLLL be the reason the judge grants the injuctive order against you.  Not just because of the immediate theft of MY INCOME, by you getting hits or detering MY customers looking for me-during my prime time, but because you cannot be trusted to do anything you would be court ordered to do.  It shows you are now CONCEALING yourself.

You cannot find a rock big enough to hide behind and Monday is dedicated to you baby.  I am GLAD you just tried to now "hide".  It is what I was hoping for-beyond you just taking the civil and criminal offenses you are committing down.  THAT I said I would discuss-but NO,

you want to keep your power over my name.  Yeah, for about 72 more hours Julie.  Then your WHOLE servers crash.  Apparently you do not care about all of your clients that their sites are a great risk as of Monday.  Worse, you ignore your five kids to be busy doing this stuff just because XMas.

Based on all of that-I am moving forward.  You have no common sense beyond a LOT of rage and it is not just about me.  Normal people do not do the things you are doing.

I am done writing you.

Once a case number is posted EVERYONE OF YOUR Customers are being e-mailed a COPY OF IT.  So they can have the right to hurry and find another host if they deem you may loose this case and be shut down.  You may win-some may stay.  YOU put them in peril.  And they sure have a right to know and a NEED to know about this public legal action.

My staff of 12 collected EACH AND EVERY e-mail connected to who you host.  Just in case it did come to this and it has, for a legal purpose of notice-and this injunction request sure does qualify.

Deborah R. Dolen

To that email, I can say "wow!".  Dolen was clearly freaking out while authoring that email to me.  It looked like a temper-tantrum because someone wasn't doing what someone was demanding they do. 

Again, I control nothing on the Busted Scammers web site so IF any changes were made, you'd think Dolen would contact them via their contact form.  To date, I don't know if she ever did and I doubt anything was ever changed.  I don't know how that site could be considered as diverting traffic from her.  Obviously her criminal record was online via public court records, documented newspaper articles and being listed online on the FTC's web site as one of the Top Ten Dot Con Scammers.  If people would do a second of research prior to purchasing or believing anything Dolen says or does, they would and could confirm her real background history. 

I think Dolen was looking for a weak person when she targeted me that she could bully into paying her some cash.  Little did she know.............

After telling me that "she was done writing me", here's yet another email that same night.

From: "Deborah Dolen" <>
CC:  "Deborah Dolen" <>
Sent:  Saturday, December 20, 2008 9:14 PM
Subject:  Notice to Your Associates of Action about to be taken

You had a duty to warn your associates of the Cease(s) and you did not. 
Anyone connected may be added.

All you did was move the offending site to a folder called

Which I am informing the Judge also.  you never stop trying to conceal your crime.

But what was REALLY interesting is that all the people you have up there as volunteers for your dirty work have not talked to you in YEARS, or DO NOT EVEN EXIST!!!  You are a FRAUD and I will be adding that in.  You and your fake people.

Many will be calling to get their photos DOWN, but oddly two people!

Rachel and Debbie - so begs the question why were these two moved to ACE with Busted Scammers.  And pretty clear you have control over the missbehaving one.

We will sure find out-via court discovery.  AND ANY OTHER SPONSORS you do business with will be put on notice.  And I FINALLY got ahold of Angela, that poor thing.  She has you also as OWNER.

Deborah R. Dolen

This is when Deborah Dolen crosses the line and starts actually phone calling and emailing everyone that she can find that I associate with online.  On mompack, it is run by volunteers - she contacted all that she could find by either phone or email.  She pulled up some of my hosting clients and contacted them.  Over in the right side of this page, you'll see a couple of voice recordings that she left for a couple.  I'll get to posting the emails later.  Every person that she contacted emailed or called me to let me know what she was up to.  Every single one of those started their statement with:  "This crazy lady named Deborah Dolen called" or "This fruitcake Dolen emailed me" or "There's a nut contacting me and her name is Dolen".  Every single person identified her exactly the way I felt.  Every single one of them.   Dolen had blown this out of proportion into a delusion-filled attack to harm me in any way she could out of spite and revenge.

Oh yes, things get worse...... More to come.



Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself
- Harvey Fierstein.

This is an actual handwriting sample from one of Deborah Dolen's handwritten documents.  Yes, this was really submitted to a Federal Court. 
Picture opens for larger analyzing.
Deborah Dolen Handwriting

I was not aware at the time Dolen was filing the above document that in a another court, at the same time, she was filing a restraining order against a man she was living with, claiming they were common-law married. We were later provided supplementary information about that case as well as the final court documents that indicated this man actually paid her off to get her out of his house. According to her court testimony, he also told her that if she continued with her attack against me, that he could no longer support her. (The realistic accounting of her failed relationship was nothing like the rather delusional story Dolen had originally sent me an email, when she said that she was delayed in responding to me because her "fiancé had died in a motorcycle accident".)

In any event, perhaps this turmoil in her personal life had something to do with the haphazard and jumbled handwriting. Who knows. Maybe a handwriting analysis would be interesting. .