Out of the blue...

Deborah Dolen Cyber Attacks Julie Ryals

(Notice:  This page provides actual emails from Deborah Dolen.  All of this author's typos are being left in tact.)

It all started on November 4, 2008 when I received an email through my online support system via my business, The Design Shoppe, and it was from a sender named Deborah Dolen - someone I had no prior experience with. Soon after, I learned that Deborah Dolen also goes by the alias, Mabel White.

Upon receiving the first few emails from Deborah Dolen,  I thought it was a simple mistake in why she was contacting me, but that mistake is not overly uncommon due to the nature of my business. Occasionally I get contacted by random people intending to contact a web site owner not realizing that the web host and a web site owner are not the same person. As I typically do in those situations, I did a quick reply and I thought it would be the end of hearing from Dolen.  Little did I know that first email would turn into a nearly 3 year, revengeful, delusion-filled, vicious attack on me and ultimately my family online and in person.  I was not aware at that time that this type of behavior is no stranger to Dolen.

The first contact from Deborah Dolen aka Mabel White was submitted through www.thedesignshoppe.com which is a way to contact me and my staff for help regarding hosting and design clients.  Ticket numbers are issued and IP addresses are recorded and then redirected to me and my staff.  Deborah Dolen sent the following:

Sent:  November 4, 2008 2:42 PM
Ticket ID: 438307
Subject:  Untrue Article
Julie Ryals,

I have read what you posted on your site about me-and just because a reporter Anita Kumar said all that crap does not mean it was true at all-or just stuff phrased to look bad-calling my adopted names "aliases" and such.  If other reporters joined in maybe there would have been more truth to it.  It was sensational-if it was true every paper in FL would have been on that.  It was not-not even 10%.  And I saying I was convicted of theft, is a big deal when that was not true.  Even if it was you do have to prove why that is NOT malicious to repeat it, and it was not.  You do have that duty.  And it IS malicious.

I am not Angela whoever, and I do not have to bother with a fake looking attorney drafted Cease and Desist either.  Usually posters of that trash have been only my competitors-who own other "anonymous" blogs.  Anyway, a reporter is not fact and does not mean truth.  And FTC did not win anything from me.  So-I hope it is down shortly or you need to be prepared to account and you cannot-because it was not true.

IP Address:

So I replied with the following to the email address she entered on my contact form as deborahdolen@justice.com :
I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about.  My web sites are:  www.mompack.com and www.thedesignshoppe.com .  I do not post things "about people" so either you have me confused with someone else or I have no clue of what you are talking about.
Julie Ryals

She replies and this is when it starts to get weird:

From:  "Mabel White CEO" mabelwhite@sbcglobal.com
To:  "TheDesignShoppe.com Billing"
Sent:  Tuesday November 04, 2008 3:33 PM
Subject:  Re: {Ticket ID 439307} Untrue Article

It was under "Busted Scammers" and your company is being shown as owner of that company-with a full addy of Port St. Lucie.

Mabel White is my author name.  I have written like 25 books on how to make soap and candles and stuff.  Which is another thing they call an "Alias."

I have over a million subscribers and like I said-the few that repeat that twisted article have a money motive.  They compete against me.  YOUR customers-actually TWO wrote me in the last 24 hours about it.

So I assume that link just got placed in.  I looked at the whole ordeal-not just about me.  In general the site is really malicious and no real two sides to anything.  And only a few select people being bashed in there.  I do not think that is a positive site to support but I do not know what you do.  Perhaps it is a necessity.  Most people do not like to hear that stuff even if it is true and actually it was not.

The few people a year that write me and "forgive me" are funny.  because I never wrote untrue crap and I never asked anyone for forgiveness.  I spent YEARS taking lawyers money and I am not sorry-high volume low cost legal services, all of the country.  So, obviously I am a real whore if my business was low cost legal for 20 years.  Anyway-the ladies seemed nice so I figured I would write you first about it.  Courts offering "Pro Se" lame relief is what retired me, and losing  a husband to cancer.  NOT any stupid stuff the FTC was trying to do.  I wrote books that ended up being popular in crafts.  I do prefer crafst to law.

I am actually busy hoping Obama wins!


First, I'm a fairly crafty person and consider myself pretty familiar with who's who is the crafting world.  I had never heard of any Mabel White who supposedly authored any craft book much less 25.  Even though I thought the above email response was extremely weird (typos and all from an "author"), I figured I would respond out of common courtesy and after receiving the next email, which took crazy to a new level, I decided for my own safety and protection, I was NEVER going to respond again.  Even though she continued on to email sometimes daily, I never responded again - ever - never - ever. 

From:  TheDesignShoppe.com
To:  Mabel White, CEO
Sent:  Tuesday, November 04, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject:  Re: {Ticket ID: 439307} Untrue Article

Hello Deborah,

Actually, I just now had to google your name to see what you are talking about prior to your second reply and did find something from the St. Pete Times about illegal dealings with kits.  I am simply the web host for bustedscammers.com through my business www.thedesignshoppe.com and nothing more so that is why I was caught off guard by your original email.  I do know that the site is intended to get the word out on those that scam others and it was started in reference to Angela Ledcke because she did take the mom community for a whirlwind.  How the information is chosen to put on the site currently, I would have no idea.  I'll suggest contacting them directly on the site.

I can imagine how upsetting the ordeal that you speak of must be.  I run an organization of 8500 moms in business and when we need to ban someone legitimately, they'll fire back and it can turn into hatred quickly so I know how people can be.  I'm sorry that I am not the one to contact to correct or comment on anything with the site.  Unless it was something illegal, x-rated or spamming, we do not step into a client's hosted accounts.

Wishing you the best,

Here's where her true colors come out and shows exactly why I felt the extreme need to never respond to her again:

From:  "Mabel White CEO" <mabelwhite@sbcglobal.net>
To:     "TheDesignShoppe.com"
Sent:  Tuesday, November 04, 2008 4:24 PM
Subject: Re: {Ticket ID: 439307} Untrue Article

St. Pete times is not any authority of truth and nothing illegal was ever done.  You are not liable right now as a web host-I know that.  But I do know a subpoena for client has to be honored in Fed court.  I am suing a few now in Tampa and often they are more than just the web host.  My lawyers are Cuba Goodings lawyers.

My name is of value.  To try to bring traffic to a site to protect a public from something that does not exist is a perverted way of getting hits.  And malicious which IS illegal.

That site on your server (the story of the moment) was sarted WAY after I was retired from teaching people which the FTC called a KIT and lost.  So, malice is actually illegal.  It is not like it was posted NINE years ago when the allegations were going on.  They are doing it for TRAFFIC-that site was created like four years ago or something.

Oddly Angela Ledcke, or whatever her name is-WAS the top victim against me in the FTC case!! FTC lost their BARE civil complaint anyway.  I never knew much about her-she never showed up to the first hearing so the case was TOSSED.  Could be why I am a feature-but I do not care.

And my lawyers in Tampa will handle this.  I do not need to plead or bargain or negotiate with anyone.

As far as being upset-I am not as upset as names that will come up on the web in 30 days as "Child porn dealers" or part of a "ring" on foreign servers-which never goes away, and I suspect will be the case.  People who say crap are usually hiding their own crap.  And I will find everyone of them.  It saves me some legal fees.

I did ask nice which is something I do not usually do.  Not when malice is like the whole intent in the first place.  Your linking to it, and seeming to own a DIY which is my market too-is another legal question.  So, I am done asking.


Clearly, she's investigated stalked me to the point that she knows where I live and that I have children in order make a comment about both.  I was and still am creeped out that a person could throw out the threat so easily about anything regarding child-porn. It's actually quite disgusting and literally flips my stomach to think that a person, any person, would even have a thought like that enter their mind period, much less send it as a threat via email.  Now that I've re-read what she wrote, I realize the extent of this bully and how far Dolen would go to torment me and my family.  I don't think she has any moral boundaries and that reminds me of a word that I learned during this process;  Moral Turpitude. "Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States that refers to "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals". 

That comment she made in the above email about my customer contacting her, she included only a small part of the email in a court filing.  The girl was a hosting client of mine.  Dolen actually emailed her (not the other way around) because at that time she thought that she had to prove that I did business in the same state she was currently in (Texas) and that was where that client happened to live at that time.  I was later provided copies of all email correspondences by my client to show the courts how evil Deborah Dolen actually is and how she conveniently left out the emails where Dolen was actually the attacker.  In short and out of privacy for the client, I will only say that the most disgusting and pathetic part of those emails was when Dolen wrote to her stating "her evil blood killed her baby".  That statement was in response to the client having a tribute blog online about losing a child years earlier...... 

Also, I should note that in the meantime, I found this article on Google News:  Paralegal Kit Company Investigated  

Two days later, I receive another email from Deborah Dolen, but this time it's from julieryals@gmail.com .  I've never had a freebie email much less one from gmail.  At that point, I'm seeing what a mordacious person I'm really dealing with and now know she'll stoop to the lowest levels to torture me.  Here's the email:

From:  "Julie Ryals" <julieryals@gmail.com>
To:  <domains@thedesignshoppe.com>
Cc:   <billing@thedesignshoppe.com>
Sent:  Thursday, November 06, 2008 11:16 AM
Subject:  JulieRyals.com has been taken

Don't get too upset.  Since you are libeling me and have connected my name with yours, and you offer no "two sides" on your little Hitler site plus posting things for no real purpose other than malice and to secure hits from my name that is of value-MW.  I am leveling the playing field.  And I have one hundred times the force you do honey.  Anything posted will be true and not a repeat of what another said-that had not been verified.  So I am defending libel which is fair game-the courts will take awhile, but I am taking you there too.  Women do not like mean women.  And Juries do not liek malice either.  Context is KEY to my actions for Trade Libel and Conspiracy of your people to defame me.  I know who is in coh-hoots with you.  They were DUMB enough to e-mail me and then be "sorry".

She didn't sign that email this time, but included the whois information for mompack.com which didn't make any sense other than her showing me she had my personal information.  I then realized she stooped even lower and actually purchased julieryals.com and now had control over it for at least a one year period.  Shortly afterwards, she stole my picture off mompack.com and created a make-believe newspaper article about me as well as published all kinds of self-created court documents that were unsigned by any Judge and were in no way official.  This was just the beginning of all the threats I would experience.  I've since learned that these are all very typical actions of Deborah Dolen.  I'm not the first and I'm sure I'm not the last one she's targeted.  She seems to get some sort of thrill out of this terrible behavior.

Then things get worse...... More to come.


NOTE: Is Deborah Dolen is threatening to sue you or harm you?  Take a deep breath and read through my blog before getting upset.  Keep in mind this is nothing more than a bully who enjoys scaring others.  ....read on.....


Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself
- Harvey Fierstein.

This is an actual handwriting sample from one of Deborah Dolen's handwritten documents.  Yes, this was really submitted to a Federal Court. 
Picture opens for larger analyzing.
Deborah Dolen Handwriting

I was not aware at the time Dolen was filing the above document that in a another court, at the same time, she was filing a restraining order against a man she was living with, claiming they were common-law married. We were later provided supplementary information about that case as well as the final court documents that indicated this man actually paid her off to get her out of his house. According to her court testimony, he also told her that if she continued with her attack against me, that he could no longer support her. (The realistic accounting of her failed relationship was nothing like the rather delusional story Dolen had originally sent me an email, when she said that she was delayed in responding to me because her "fiancé had died in a motorcycle accident".)

In any event, perhaps this turmoil in her personal life had something to do with the haphazard and jumbled handwriting. Who knows. Maybe a handwriting analysis would be interesting. .